Documents Pertinent to Congressional Review and USDOT Inspector General Audit of Sound Transit's Link Light Rail in Seattle, Washington

Assembled by John Niles of Public Interest Transportation Forum, February-March 2001

(NOTE: The issues as described here represent data collected as of mid March, 2001, prior to the issuance of the Inspector General's Interim Report and the subsequent collapse of the Link light rail plan described in the
Full Funding Grant Agreement for Minimum Operating Segment One)

(Link to Story about the OIG audit in The Seattle Times, February 10, 2001)

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Some of the following material was provided in a briefing book to the Office of Inspector General at a meeting in Seattle on February 9, 2001, and later to selected Members of Congress on February 27-28, 2001:

Overview (* = Read for quick introduction!)

Financial issues with Link Light Rail -- costs, revenue capacity, subarea equity

Legal and regulatory issues with the potential to cause construction delays and a later revenue operations date

Performance issues with Link Light Rail, including analysis of alternatives, raising questions about the validity of the planning process that led to the definition of MOS-1 

Issues related to community and voter support for Link Light Rail

Links to Puget Sound region web sites

Background Information

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