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Media Advisory
November 12, 1997
Contact: Bob Wurmstedt
Phone: (303) 572-5400

Wired Communities, Smart States:
Is Digital Infrastructure the New Public Works?

November 19-20, 1997
El Pomar Conference Center
Colorado Springs, Colorado

What: A forum to discuss the pros and cons of state and local governments building and operating infrastructure for telecommunications services.

Why: Should state and local governments be in the telecommunications business just as they build and maintain roads or generate electricity? Or, as many in industry argue, should building and owning telecommunications infrastructure like fiber optic cable and digital switching equipment for cable TV, voice and data and Internet access be left to the private sector?

The Telecommunications Act of 1996 and new technologies have already motivated more than 100 state and local governments to build telecommunications infrastructure. Examples: In October, Tacoma, Washington has approved $99.4 million in taxpayers money to build a fiber optic network covering that entire city. Iowa spent $300 million for a controversial, statewide fiber optic telecommunications system.

Who: Public officials, policy research professionals, CIOs, CTOs and other telecommunications executives discussing ongoing controversies in the telecom revolution.

Sponsors: Cable World Magazine, Council of State Governments West, GTE, Lucent Technologies, New Telecom Quarterly, U S West Communications.

Contact: Bob Wurmstedt (303) 572-5457


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